Fossil IX
Price: $925
Media: Acrylic, Charcoal
Size: 40x44

Fossil VI
Price: $850
Media: Mixed
Size: 24x30, dyptic

Fossil X
Media: Mixed
Size: 24x30

Fossil II
Price: $1,200
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 21x24

Fossil III
Price: $925
Media: Acrylic, Charcoal
Size: 40x44

Fairy Life
Price: $425
Media: Pastel
Size: 16x20

Torso 1
Price: $525
Media: Plaster Cast
Size: 19x26

Torso 2
Price: $450.00
Media: Plaster Cast
Size: 18x25

Susan Smolinsky

Artist Susan Smolinsky 1962-2005 was the daughter of local resident Phyllis Landis. The opening entitled "SMOLINSKY - White under Black " is at Envision Gallery in the Overland Sheep Complex, October 3 from 5pm to 7pm. The work consists of canvases from 10" by 20" to 40"x40, Body Sculptures, and a Bullfight Photoweaving Series. No admission fee.

Susan received her MFA from CCNY where her art installation represented her near death experience at age 5. Out of this she created a "Tu-Tu Fairy" rising from the ashes. A DVD of her as the "TuTu Fairy" giving people wishes in Times Square, NYC, will be playing during the opening. This film was shown at several Short Film Festivals and received wonderful reviews.

Susan began her art career as a child drawing pictures for 5 of the 12 months of the camp calendar. As a teenager she won 1st prize among thousands of entries in the Franklin Institute's (Philadelphia) contest to design a 'Creature' that could survive the future environment.

She traveled extensively, Spain, Mexico, France, Greece, Turkey and could speak in each of those languages but was most fluent in Spanish and even learned Basque, having spent much time in that area of Spain. She danced as the Fairy in front of the Palace in Madrid as well as in Mexico City.

Her works range from poetry, oils, pastels, mixed media, photography, photo weavings, printmaking, body sculptures, street art, and performance. The black and white canvases of acrylic, glue, and charcoal were inspired from hours of studying the Dinosaur bones in the Museum of Natural History in New York. Her largest canvas is owned by the museum and hangs in their Paleontology department.

Her work has been shown in New York City, Taipei, Taiwan; Santa Fe, NM; Woodstock, NY; Hunter Mountain, NY; Brussels, Belgium; Berkeley, CA; Ann Arbor, MI; Lafayette Hill, PA.

As a starving artist in NY, Susan earned her living as a substitute school teacher. After a day of 'who knows what' she would don her tu-tu outfit and go off to Times Square on her bicycle. She was quite prolific and due to her early departure she left her works to her mother, Phyllis Landis who would love to be able to have her print work and photography work shown as well. She knows that Susan would want it out in the world.

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