Price: $600
Media: Steel & Glass
Size: 8x10x5.5

Buffalo Dancer
Price: $3,200
Media: Steel
Size: 290x24

Changing Current 5' Steel
Price: $900
Media: Steel
Size: 9x13x11

South Branch
Price: $600
Media: Steel & Glass
Size: 8.5x9x6

Changing Current 8' Steel
Price: $950
Media: Steel
Size: 11x12x12.5

Price: $700
Media: Steel & Glass
Size: 13x7x5

Lunar Symphony
Price: $1000
Media: Steel
Size: 67x19x18

Changing Current 7.5 Steel
Price: $925
Media: Steel
Size: 12.5x13x9

Steven Ebben

Steven is an artist-blacksmith who works with traditional blacksmithing tools: coal fired forge, anvil and hammer, and modern cutting and welding equipment. He uses these tools to shape and form steel into the elements of his bold abstract sculpture.

“I bring together moments in history. I use line to create movement, and shadow and shape to create positive and negative space. My art is an expression of time, place, and culture and the relationships they inspire.”

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