Alter Ego
Price: $1,900
Media: Ceramic
Size: 20x8x6

Rose Princess
Price: SOLD

Price: $1,750
Media: Porcelain
Size: 16x13x19

Magi Calhoun

Romanian-born and long-time Texas resident- has won numerous art awards for her surrealistic figurative ceramic sculpture. A former juried Kiln Goddess at the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in Newcastle, Maine, she was awarded a National Sculpture Society Scholarship Award in 2012 for her graduate studies at the University of North Texas, where she received her MGA in Ceramics. She received her BFA in Ceramics from Texas Woman's University.

She has exhibited her work both internationally and nationally, including in England, Portugal and Mexico, and in Texas, California, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Florida.

Selected exhibitions for 2012 include the International Biennale Artists Exhibition, LMNT Gallery, Miami, Florida; the International Surrealism Now Traveling Exhibition, Portugal-wide; the Parallax AF Show, Chelsea Town Hall, London, England; and the 25th Annual Materials: Hard & Soft, Meadows Gallery, Denton, Texas.

Inspired by the work of Lenora Carrington and other surrealist artists, Magi's work often involves hybrid animal/human characters incorporating found objects, and other non-clay materials, such as metal, glass, string, and fur. Her words intrinsically suggest stories: "My characters demand interaction with the imagination of the viewer, and elicit different responses in different viewers, depending on their own sensibilities and emotions, as they create in their minds stories to explain the character."

Deliberately evoking a narrative of beings abandoned, lost or malformed, she creates characters that are "reborn as bizarre half-humans, half-creatures, wandering about, or adrift at sea...all looking for something or someone to complete them, although they can never be complete."

Her work also expands on the esoteric truths found in such ancient writings as the Kabbalah, which deeply resonates in Magi's artwork displayed here, Another Logical Explanation for the Dual Nature, promoting an exploration of a metaphysical reality though the depiction of subconscious motifs. The duality derived from her creative process becomes a reflection of a greater unseen reality, filtered through a waking aesthetic of surreal, dream-like imagery.

"I feel that abandoning the need for logical explanations can enable us to gain an image of the world that goes beyond the senses and opens the door to a more spiritual level of consciousness. You cannot perceive the essence of truth through your senses; a spiritual reality is the origin of everything physical. I want the clay to transcend its physicality and challenge the viewer to consider some of these intangible metaphysical truths, to consider the duality of nature and spirit (ego)."

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